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Qui Tam and False Claims Act in Texas (TX): Lawyers and Attorneys at Law

Reporting Fraud Under the Texas False Claims Act

The Texas False Claim Act was amended and the amendment became effective on May 4, 2007. The version that was in effect prior to the amendment required the court to dismiss qui tam actions if Texas declined to take over the action. Tex. Human Res. Code Ann. § 36.104 (2001).

Texas Qui Tam Action

The new version of the statute states that if Texas declines to take over the action, "the person bringing the action may proceed without the state's participation." Tex. Human Res. Code Ann. § 36.104 (2010).  Thus, a Texas qui tam lawyer filing a qui tam case with conduct occurring prior to May 4, 2007 should take note of this provision of the Texas False Claims Act.

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