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Berger Montague does business at the intersection of law and technology.

Berger Montague has developed a state-of-the-art document management system, Kaleidoscope, that allows our attorneys to easily store, search and work with document productions of millions of pages.

In addition to being utilized as an in-house solution for our own cases, Kaleidoscope also provides hosting and litigation support services in cases where the firm is co-counsel as well as not directly involved in the case. In 2018, The Legal Intelligencer recognized Berger Montague and Kaleidoscope with its inaugural Law Firm Innovator award.

Electronically Stored Information and e-Discovery

Kaleidoscope provides a cutting-edge platform for low-cost hosting, uploading, management, and coding of discovery documents specifically for plaintiffs’ firms involved in complex litigation. As an open-source platform, Kaleidoscope avoids costly software licenses, which creates a lower cost structure of e-discovery databases compared to other available platforms. The Kaleidoscope team has extensive experience in electronic hosting of large, complex plaintiff cases with databases exceeding 3 terabytes of data.

Kaleidoscope Platform Features

  • Kaleidoscope is internet-based with client-server application, and all data is backed up to an off-site host standby machine.
  • Outlook integration features, including drag-and-drop of individual e-mails or entire Outlook folders (with folder hierarchy carried over).
  • A predictive search function is available for more advanced search capabilities, with smart drop-down auto-complete pop-ups to help users formulate searches quickly.
  • A native document viewer that allows you to view documents in Kaleidoscope rather than opening the documents in their native application.
  • Enable bulk coding by applying one or more coding values to many documents at once, either by selecting documents manually or in a search results folder.
  • Integration of Classification and Predictive Coding features in conjunction with searching and coding methods to enhance case review and preparation.

All of our services are delivered by a highly trained, skilled and experienced team of application developers, programmers, trainers, and client service professionals. Our team works with other plaintiffs firms to ensure a smooth setup process for each case and implement feedback to improve the user experience.

Advanced Analytics and Document Coding

As electronic technology advances, case law and court rules change in response. Berger Montague is at the forefront of machine learning to review data in electronic databases.


Our Classification module automatically codes all documents in a production for more than 30 document types such as email, memos, court documents, material safety data sheets, market analysis, corporate finance, agendas, minutes, contaminated groundwater analysis, adverse impact of drug analysis and many more. The module allows end users to find custom document types critical for specific litigation. In addition, the module calculates the email threads, near and far duplicates, and problem documents with no text. Sample data extractions used are:

  • Technical terms from a 60,000+ word dictionary
  • Names from an extensive surname directory
  • Email names and addresses (From, Sent, To, and CC)
  • Email Subjects
  • Dates (An estimated creation date is calculated)

Predictive Coding

The following tools and features are available as part of the Predictive Coding module:

  • Case and/or Issue setup
  • Development of sample set
  • Analysis of sample set
  • Nomination of “yes” documents identified in the analysis
  • Machine learning and model formation
  • Validation of the model and accuracy of relevance

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