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Michigan Hospital Settles Self-Disclosed False Claims Act Case for Over $4 Million

Michigan’s Portage Hospital has agreed to settle allegations it unlawfully billed Medicare and Medicaid for unnecessary therapy sessions.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In a rare turn of events, the Department of Justice has actually commended Michigan-based Portage Hospital, LLC after it opted to self-report various perceived violations of the [...]

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Sixth Circuit Issues Pivotal Ruling Involving ‘Public Disclosure Bar’ in FCA Cases

The public disclosure bar works to preclude whistleblowers from filing False Claims Act lawsuits using information already available to the public. However, it is not always clear what this definition includes.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The False Claims Act’s public disclosure bar prohibits any whistleblower from filing a claim [...]

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SEC Announces Whistleblower Reward for Former Company Officer

The SEC recently awarded approximately $500,000 to a corporate whistleblower.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Implemented by the 2010 Dodd Frank Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) maintains a growing whistleblower program. Much like the False Claims Act, the SEC’s program is designed to offer confidential consideration of fraud [...]

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Physician Settles False Claims Act Accusations Regarding Kickbacks From CareFusion

A California-based healthcare consultant recently joined in a settlement along with two of his corporations to conclude a lawsuit alleging undisclosed kickbacks.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In a recent False Claims Act settlement between Dr. Charles Denham and the federal government, officials have revealed details of an alleged kickback [...]

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MetLife Home Loans LLC to Settle Mortgage Fraud Case for $125 Million

MetLife’s home mortgage division recently settled allegations of unlawfully certifying residential home loans in violation of federal guidelines for underwriting and creditworthiness review.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, which was primarily fueled by the housing bubble burst, many less-than-lawful residential home loan [...]

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Baptist Health Medical Center to Settle False Claims Act Allegations for $2.7 Million

A recent False Claims Act settlement out of Arkansas involved allegations of fraudulent billing of Medicare for extended stays in hospital rooms.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Medical practitioners seeking to treat Medicare patients are required to abide by the policy manuals and guidelines put out by the federal government. [...]

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Compassionate Care Hospice of New York Agrees to $6.5 Million False Claims Act Settlement

New York’s Compassionate Care Hospice has settled with the New York Attorney General’s Office and has agreed to pay $6.5 million to settle allegations it failed to meet several end-of-life care criteria requirements set forth by Medicare and Medicaid.Image source: Wikimedia Commons As we have previously reported on [...]

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