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LG Lawsuit Investigation: LG Washer with True Balance Problems

PRACTICE AREAS: Defective Products
PRODUCT: LG washers with True Balance
CASE STATUS: Under Investigation

Attention: Anyone who purchased an LG washer with True Balance.

Berger Montague is conducting an investigation and asking to hear from anyone who has purchased an LG washer that comes with LG’s “True Balance” feature. This product is believed to be defective, causing high water bills and leaving consumers’ clothes soapy. We are interested in speaking with consumers to help determine whether a class action lawsuit can be filed.

If you own an LG washing machine with True Balance, have experienced issues with unbalanced loads with the error code “UE,” and are interested in discussing a possible case, please contact Glen Abramson at or (215) 875-4683.

About the case

Berger Montague is investigating possible claims against LG Electronics, Inc., on behalf of consumers who purchased an LG washing machine with True Balance. There is a defect in the washing machine that causes it to repeatedly stop, overfill, and leak in an attempt to adjust the balance of the load.

LG promotes their washers as “energy efficient” and touts their LG True Balance anti-vibration system as being “designed to reduce washer noise and vibration for smooth, quiet performance in any room of the house[.]”

However, consumers around the country have observed LG washers continually running into “rebalancing” problems -generally identified by the error code “UE” flashing on the machine screen-that cause the washing machine to drain and refill water in an attempt to balance the load.  The problem can cause one washing machine cycle to take several hours as the machine continually attempts to rebalance the load, or can require customers to manually rebalance the load.

Why are the LG washing machines with True Balance failing?

LG washing machines with True Balance do not have a central agitator to help spin and cycle the clothes. Washing machines without a central agitator instead use plates or discs to spin the washing machine load.

According to consumer reports, LG washing machines with True Balance do not work as intended because if the load is “unbalanced”-meaning the load includes garments of different sizes and weights, or isn’t evenly distributed in the washer-the washer displays code “UE” (for “uneven load”), and the washer will stop the washing cycles to drain and add water repeatedly in an effort to balance the load.  However, due to poor design, the washer does a poor job rebalancing the load.

According to consumers, the washer was designed and labeled “energy efficient.” However, when the UE issue manifests, the washer uses significantly more water, diminishing the claimed eco-friendly benefits.  As a result, consumers report water and utility bills increasing by as much as 300%, not to mention single loads taking hours to complete as a result of the constant rebalancing, and often coming out soapy because the machine failed to run through a complete cycle following rebalancing efforts.

In addition, consumers report having to stand by the machine and manually rebalance the load whenever the UE warning appears.  LG often simply tells consumers to use only the low-spin setting and do very small loads to avoid the issue.

In addition to affirmatively representing the feature’s benefits and the machine’s efficiency, consumers that have taken the issue all the way up through LG report that the fix is quite expensive.

Consumers report that LG claims it was able to resolve the issue by way of a software “update,” but claim the “update” requires installation of a new control panel (which, according to at least some reports, requires the washer to spin on only a low setting and increases expected washing time).  Consumers who have requested the repair report paying anywhere from $200-$500 depending on the cost of labor.  And because LG’s warranty only covers parts other than the drum or motor for one year, customers often are on the hook for the whole cost of repair, even for “high-end” machines that typically retail for $800-1200.

Have LG washing machine with True Balance owners complained about overfilling and defects? Yes.

Hundreds of LG washing machine owners have complained about problems with rebalancing and unbalanced loads.  Below are several such complaints [1]:

“I bought an LG top loading washing machine with direct drive a couple of years back. Perhaps a year later, I began to regularly get “UE” error messages (uneven load) which would stop the cycle. I would have to open the door, try to redistribute the wet laundry and then restart the cycle. Sometimes multiple times for 1 load. It would often TAKE LITERALLY 3-5 HOURS to do a single load of laundry!!! Sometimes, the machine will try to correct the idiotic error by automatically refilling the tub with water… I guess in an effort to redistribute the load. This never works. The machine has gotten progressively worse with this “UE” issue to the point that now it stops on 80-90% of the cycles! I often end up having to stand by the machine during the spin cycle until it either stops and gives the error message or begins to refill the tub, then I have to turn off the machine and put the soaking wet clothes into the dryer.”

“I have had nothing but problems with our LG Waveforce top load washing machine. Since day one, it has been unbalanced in almost every single load. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small load, normal size or large load. It is always unbalanced. Because of this issue, the machine tries to fix itself, which ends up using 2-3 times the amount of water just trying to get it balanced. So, when you buy this unit thinking you will save money of your water bill and that it’s energy efficient, think again.”

“If there was a way to give this LG True Balance Top-load Washer less than one star I would do it. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE this machine. There is no sized load, small or large, that goes thru a complete cycle without the unbalanced signal going on. This is NOT a washer you can leave alone for any length of time. I am constantly standing over it to “readjust” the clothing in the load to prevent yet another rinse and the washer’s attempt to even out the load before the spin. Unless there is a fix for this, I will NEVER buy another LG product.”

“I purchased a new LG TrueBalance washer. I hate it. Example: I just tried to do a short wash with two pairs of slacks, a men’s shirt, and a tee-top. After 1 hour of having the washer stop due to “off balance” signal 5 times, repositioning contents each time, and restarting cycle and still not getting any further along — I pulled the clothes out and am now trying to get the washer to finish cycle empty. This was not a unique experience. Unless I jam the washer full so that nothing can virtually move — it takes me an entire day (at minimum 12 hours) to do 6 loads of clothes. I would never ever again purchase a washer without a center agitator, the ability to fill washer and leave for overnight soaking (which I can’t now), and get rid of all of this computer bologna! UPDATE: The “off balance” signal just went off again with the washer empty! If you are shopping for a washer — do not get blinded by all the new/many bells and whistles.”

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