Cases & Investigations

Cook v. Rockwell International Corporation

Plaintiffs allege that Rocky Flats, a former nuclear weapons facility formerly operated by Dow Chemical Co. and Rockwell International Corp., dispersed plutonium and contaminated 30 square miles of property around the facility. Plaintiffs pursued claims of trespass and nuisance claims under Colorado state law and the federal Price-Anderson Act, passed in 1957 and relating to nuclear power and the hazards of radioactive materials.

Coronavirus Cancellations: Consumers May Be Owed Refunds

Berger Montague is investigating whether certain companies are offering proper refunds in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cortez v. Nebraska Beef

Berger Montague represented a class of employees at Nebraska Beef’s beef processing plant in their lawsuit alleging that the employer failed to pay them for all pre- and post-shift time spent donning, doffing and washing personal protective equipment. The claim also included time spent donning and doffing the equipment during the employees’ unpaid lunch period.

Countrywide Financial Corp. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

Berger Montague served on the Executive Committee of this multidistrict litigation. In 2008, a senior financial advisor formerly employed by Countrywide stole confidential information of millions of consumers from Countrywide’s records and sold it to a third party for marketing purposes.

COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims Denial Lawsuit Investigation

Berger Montague is investigating whether insurance companies are wrongfully denying business interruption claims for loss of business related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Crawford v. Philadelphia Hotel Operating Co.

The firm served as co-lead counsel and obtained a settlement in 2005 whereby persons who contracted food poisoning at a business convention at the hotel recovered $1,500 each.

Creative Dimensions and Management, Inc. v. Thomas Group, Inc.

Berger Montague defended this case against a claim for $30 million for breach of contract.

CRT Antitrust Lawsuit

Berger Montague has played a key role in In re CRT Antitrust Litigation, a case brought on behalf of a class of direct purchasers of cathode ray tubes (“CRTs”) or products containing CRTs, such as televisions and computer monitors, alleging that defendant manufacturers conspired to fix the prices of CRTs.

Cung Le, et al v. Zuffa, LLC, d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC Lawsuit

Berger Montague represents a proposed class of similarly situated current and former UFC professional combatants, alleging that the plaintiffs are victims of the UFC’s illegal scheme to eliminate its competition in the sport of MMA and suppress compensation for UFC Fighters from bouts and fighter identities and likenesses.

Currency Conversion Fee Antitrust Litigation

This action was brought on behalf of a class of United States holders of Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club credit or charge cards who incurred fees on credit card transactions in a foreign currency or with a foreign merchant. The class action alleges that the defendants conspired to artificially set and inflate currency conversion fees United States cardholders incur each time they use their cards in foreign currency transactions or with a foreign merchant. The action also alleges that defendants violated their disclosure obligations under Truth In Lending Act to disguise these fixed conversion fees from cardholders.

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