Military Contractor Fraud

DHS Technologies Pays $1.9 Million to Settle Claims of Contract Fraud

Whenever a private company or individual agrees to perform contract work for the federal government, there are certain highly-specific boilerplate contract terms that must be followed during the completion of the work. One such term requires contractors to always offer the government a rate on goods or services that is as low as, or [...]

Boeing Agrees to Pay $23 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

The Boeing Company, a preeminent aircraft manufacturer, has agreed to pay $23 million to the federal government amidst allegations of improper invoices for wages on behalf of workers employed at the San Antonio-based Aerospace Support Center. Despite Boeing’s assertions that the false claims were the result of accidental mischarges and not intentional conduct, the [...]

U.S. Government Settles Defense Contractor Fraud Case for $5.5 Million

In a False Claims Act settlement, the makers of military-grade batteries for use in Humvee vehicles agreed to settle claims each provided inferior batteries to the Department of Defense for a period spanning several years. The settlement resolves extensive allegations by a former employee-whistleblower, including the assertion that the sub-par batteries could have actually [...]

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