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The Legal Intelligencer Names Berger Montague a 2018 Law Firm Innovator

DATE: June 20, 2018

Berger Montague is proud to announce that the firm has been named a 2018 Law Firm Innovator by The Legal Intelligencer. This is the first year the Intelligencer has bestowed this award, which honors law firms, lawyers, and legal professionals who push the envelope to build their businesses, think outside the box, and have demonstrated an ability to distinguish their brands in a crowded market.

Berger Montague earned this award for its proprietary, state-of-the-art document management and mining for litigation platform, Kaleidoscope. Below is a statement from CIO Dr. Jon Berger about Kaleidoscope’s origins and how it has evolved over the years.

Thirty years ago, the crash of an antiquated word processing system during a critical legal filing brought modern computing to Berger Montague. In response to the crash – and over a weekend – David Berger, founder of the firm, authorized the establishment of a network of twenty model 286 DOS computers, a 386 server using Word Perfect word processing software. Training classes began immediately, as did an ongoing process (continuing to this day) of in-house development of multiple applications for Berger Montague’s practice ranging from document management to litigation support in complex litigation spanning 16 separate practice areas and based on free, publicly available software.

From the start, the leadership of the firm including David Berger, H. Laddie Montague, Jr., and Daniel Berger had the essential insight to support a core group of programmers and administrators whose membership has remained constant over the years. This team has pursued and continues to see a vision of an integrated DMS and LSS information system backed by the newest advances in machine learning to enhance all aspects of the firm’s practice. In the past five years alone, this capability has also earned the firm millions in fees from labor, hosting, and application development. In addition, it has saved millions in what otherwise would have been outsourced costs for outside vendors.

Kaleidoscope, the integrated DMS and LSS information system used by the firm and its co-counsel and inaugurated in 2010, has evolved through several server changes and more than 370 window and web client versions in response to user needs and the demands of litigation. The system is a hybrid that uses the cloud and the “colo” for processing and storage. While feature-rich, the main immediate attraction has always been the easy viewing of images, text, coding, and native applications right next to each other in a customizable work space. Users from other firms who routinely use third party vendor systems cheer the ease of use and look forward to their assignments on Kaleidoscope.

In 2012, the core IT group initiated consultations with data scientists at Temple University and the University of Maryland on how to build intelligent machine learning systems tailored to e-discovery.  Kaleidoscope features a seamless integration of term searching and continuous active learning to build, test, and validate models. The active learning uses ensemble logistic regression and Deep Learning through neural nets. The approach is used for issue analysis as well as doc type finding and auto coding. It has been adapted for the problems of document unitization, the adequacy of discovery production, models of privilege and relevance, the coding of scientific reports for contaminated sites, as well as the interpretation of images for the detection of handwriting, spreadsheets, maps, graphs, and charts.

Kaleidoscope and Berger Montague are ideally positioned to profit from the rapidly changing demands of e-discovery. Our team has the capability to change the system to meet unexpected needs and litigation specialty processing. We host at the lowest costs in the field and with the smartest system. We welcome any inquires as to how we may help solve your e-discovery problems.

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