Of Vulnerable Monopolists?: Questionable Innovation in the Standard for Class Certification in Antitrust Cases

Some courts appear to have begun to revise the standard for granting class certification, including in antitrust cases. The new standard, if there is one, may empower courts to find facts relevant to the merits in a way that historically they have not been permitted to do.

Piercing the Veil: Using Microfinance Initiatives to Promote Female Entrepreneurship in Muslim Countries

This paper argues that microfinance initiatives are an attractive aid mechanism to promote gender equality in Muslim countries because such initiatives both alleviate poverty and provide women with economic empowerment without violating Muslim customary banking laws.

Assessing Market Power in the Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry

Eric L. Cramer was a contributor to “Assessing Market Power in the Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry” in the ABA’s Pharmaceutical Industry Handbook (July 2009).

“Hacked,” A Case Study

“Hacked,” A Case Study, by Jon Lambiras appeared in the Computer Fraud Casebook: The Bytes that Byte

  • November 10, 2008
  • Technology, Privacy & Data Breach
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Inside Job: A Guide to Insider Trading

Insider trading is relatively easy to commit but extremely difficult to prove. This article is a primer for fraud examiners, which explains the problem, how to determine if a trade is illegal, and what can be done to detect and prevent this popular crime.

White Collar Crime: Why the Sentencing Disparity Despite Uniform Guidelines

This article discusses major sources of sentencing disparity affecting defendants of white-collar crimes in federal court despite the existence of uniform sentencing guidelines. The focus of the article is to answer one primary question: Why might a defendant convicted of white-collar crime in one court receive a materially different sentence than he or she would have received if convicted in another court?

The Merits Matter Most: Observations on a Changing Landscape under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995

Statistics varying all over the lot have been presented in the debate over the value of securities class actions and whether they genuinely compensate victims. Some say settlements represent in most instances less than 10% of damages.

  • November 4, 1997
  • Securities & Investor Protection
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