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Vanguard Group, Inc. Hit With Billion-Dollar False Claims Act Lawsuit

The Vanguard Group, Inc., which manages mutual funds topping $2 trillion in assets, is facing a $1 billion False Claims Act lawsuit filed under New York’s state False Claims statute. The whistleblower, former general counsel for the corporation, alleges it falsely reported earning no income within the State of New York for a period [...]

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IRS Data Reveals Sharp Disparity Between Number of Fraud Reports and Whistleblower Rewards

Noting the success of the federal False Claims Act, Congress enacted a similar IRS whistleblower program in 2007 under the Tax Relief and Healthcare Act, which allows individuals to report tax fraud and evasion in exchange for a possible cut of the eventual recovery. The program has maintained some success over the years; however, recent [...]

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The IRC’s Whistleblower Provisions: How the Internal Revenue Service Catches Tax Fraud

The False Claims Act has been in existence since the Civil War era; however, it wasn’t until recently that other government agencies began to catch on to its effectiveness in catching and correcting fraud. In 2006, the Internal Revenue Service began implementing its own version of a whistleblower protection program after receiving authorization under the [...]

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