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Kodak ERISA Lawsuit: Greenwood v. Antonio Perez, et al.

CASE NUMBER: 12-cv-6051, 12-cv-6056, 12-cv-6067, 12-cv-6071, 12-cv-6078, 12-cv-6080, 12-cv-6146
COURT: United States District Court for the Western District of New York

Berger Montague has filed a class action complaint on behalf of the participants and beneficiaries of the Eastman Kodak Employees’ Savings And Investment Plan (the “SIP”) and Eastman Kodak Employee Stock Ownership Plan (the “ESOP”, collectively with the SIP, the “Plans”).

About the case

Specifically, the complaint alleges that the Plans’ administrators and fiduciaries continued to invest the Plans’ assets in Eastman Kodak’s common stock even though it was apparent that the company’s stock was an imprudent investment.  As the stock depreciated in value over time, and eventually, the company filed for bankruptcy destroying whatever value was left, the Plans’ adminsitrators and fiduciaries failed to act to protect the interests of the Plans’ participants and beneficiaries. Plaintiffs allege that this conducted violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”).

Berger Montague is committed to representing the participants and beneficiaries of the Plans to recover what is rightfully theirs.

If you are participant or beneficiary in the Eastman Kodak Employees’ Savings and Investment Plan or the Eastman Kodak Employee Stock Ownership Plan, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  To find out more information about this class action case, fill out our contact form or contact one of the attorneys listed to the right.

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