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In re High Tech Employee Antitrust Litigation

CASE NUMBER: 11-cv-2509
COURT: United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Berger Montague represented a certified class of employees suing technology and media giants including Apple Inc., Google Inc., Intel Corp., Adobe Systems Inc., Intuit Inc., Pixar Animation Studios Inc. and LucasFilm Ltd. over alleged agreements not to recruit each other’s employees. The class of employees sought lost compensation stemming from these wage-suppressing “no poach” agreements between the companies.

In 2012, Judge Koh denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss with regard to the antitrust claims. In 2013, Judge Koh granted plaintiffs’ motion for class certification.

Also in 2013, plaintiffs reached the first settlement with certain defendants for $20 million. In 2015, plaintiffs reached a second settlement with the remaining defendants for $415 million. Judge Koh granted final approval to the second settlement in September 2015 and settlement funds were distributed in the months thereafter.

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