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As a consumer, you know how important your credit report is. Every aspect of your life – from employment to your ability to rent an apartment or buy a house or a car – is impacted by your credit report. That is why your credit report must be as accurate as possible. 

Unfortunately, your credit report may contain inaccurate information through no fault of your own. The credit agencies you place so much trust in may be responsible for misreporting information on your credit report. When credit agencies commit these costly mistakes, you want a credit report lawyer in San Jose in your corner to help repair the damage and get you the compensation you deserve.

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What Is Included in a Credit Report?

Your credit report contains important information such as your account history, credit inquiries, and debts . Your name, address, and place of employment also included in your credit report. Many parties such as landlords, businesses, and banks review your credit report to decide whether to approve you for a mortgage or other loan, rent to you, or even employ you.

Your credit report lists detailed information about your financial history, from the number of credit cards and loans you have opened to your payment history. All businesses that have reviewed your credit history over the past two years are also shown on your credit report.

How Can Inaccurate Information Appear on a Credit Report?

Because your credit report can impact several essential aspects of your life, you want your credit report to be as accurate as possible. However, many Americans may have errors on their credit report without even realizing it. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) conducted a study that revealed that one in five people have an error on at least one of their credit reports. 

When people discover an error on their credit report, many assume that the error was caused by identity theft. Although identity theft is one reason why inaccurate information can appear on your credit report, most errors result from inadequate procedures from credit agencies, or inaccurate information reported by creditors.

Common Mistakes Made by Credit Agencies that Can Affect Your Credit Report

Some of the common mistakes that credit agencies may place on your credit report include:

  • Account status – Inaccurately reporting closed accounts as open or inaccurately reporting an account as delinquent or late. Another common error includes listing the same debt twice on the credit report.
  • Account balances – inaccurately reporting the account balance or the credit limit on an account.
  • Personal information -incorrectly reporting information regarding your name, phone number, or address.
  • Accounts that are Not yours – inaccurately including accounts belonging to someone else on your report.  Credit agencies make these types of mistakes when they attempt to match your credit report using insufficient or inaccurate data.  

Misrepresentation of Living Individuals as Deceased

Another common mistake that credit agencies can make is reporting you as deceased. This error can be surprisingly difficult to correct, and can make it nearly impossible to open accounts or access credit.

Credit agencies sometimes commit this type of mistake when one creditor mistakenly reports you as deceased (sometimes because of the death of a spouse or joint account holder), and the agency then compounds the error by marking your entire file as deceased.   

This is a serious error that requires immediate action.  Our San Jose credit report lawyers can ensure that your report is corrected, and explore filing a lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve for this error.

Who Is Responsible for Fixing Errors on a Credit Report?

If you have noticed one or more errors on your credit report, you may not know how to correct them, or who to notify. Some people contact the bank or the landlord and attempt to plead their case. Others attempt to contact their creditors or court clerks. These are the wrong methods to resolve the issue. The entity that you must contact to resolve the errors on your credit report is the company that published the credit report.  Our San Jose credit report lawyers can work to ensure that your dispute is successful and that your report is corrected. 

How a San Jose Credit Report Lawyer Can Help

When deciding to dispute the errors on your credit report, you may not know the best way to proceed. You may not be familiar with credit-related laws and your protection as a consumer. At Berger Montague, our San Jose credit report attorneys are experienced in reviewing credit reports, filing credit disputes, filing lawsuits against credit agencies and negotiating with credit agencies on your behalf. 

We begin by reviewing your credit reports and financial history to check for any misreported information accurately. Next, we will gather the correct documentation and speak with the appropriate credit agencies to challenge and correct any misreported information on your credit report.  If appropriate, we will also speak with you about filing a lawsuit on your behalf.  

Your Rights as a Consumer

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you  have the right to access your credit report and dispute any inaccurate information on your report. This Act was put in place to protect you and ensure that you are treated fairly by the credit agencies. The FCRA also applies to  additional reports like background checks, tenant screening reports, and specialty reports provided by payday lenders.  

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