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Maryland’s ‘Educational Affiliates’ Agrees to Pay $13 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

Educational Affiliates is a for-profit company specializing in post-secondary education opportunities. It is alleged to have admitted unqualified or ineligible students using financial aid funds. Federal Student Financial Aid is the largest provider of funding for American college students in the United States. These funds have paid approximately [...]

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Embattled Corinthian College Shuts Down Amid Several False Claims Act Lawsuits

Recently, Corinthian College was slapped with a $30 million fine from the federal government for unlawfully inflating its graduation rates in order to lure students into taking out sizable student loans and thereafter failing to follow through with a quality, marketable education. The college was forced to close its doors in April of this [...]

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Department of Education Yanks Funding From Several ‘Risky’ Colleges and Universities

Over the past several years, a number of colleges and universities have faced significant fines, penalties, and liabilities for unlawfully inducing students into enrolling using falsified or exaggerated graduation and employment data or by paying recruiters by the enrollee. For instance, several U.S. law schools were named in a recent lawsuit alleging employment and [...]

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