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Berger Montague Qui Tam Lawyers Filing a qui tam lawsuit can be scary. If you have inside information that your company may be committing taxpayer fraud and stealing from the government through deliberate billing errors, corner-cutting work, or any other method, you may not know what to do. Such tactics are not only theft, but in many cases, especially for healthcare or military contractors, they could also be a matter of life and death. But it is normal to be worried about your job and about retribution for exposing their secrets.

When you have the relentlessly-driven qui tam attorneys of Berger Montague on your side, you don’t need to worry. Our whistleblower lawyers will follow your case to the end, making sure that injustice is stopped, you are protected, and you get the reward that comes from stopping the scamming of taxpayers.

The False Claims Act Depends on You

Under the False Claims Acts, the relator – the whistleblower – is entitled to a reward of up to 30% of the money the government recoups from gaining a conviction in a civil suit fraud case. This is money that you have earned through your courage to come forward and assist the government. The qui tam attorneys at Berger Montague are here to help you take that step.

Who We Help

Berger Montague has a long list of clients and deep expertise. Here are but a few industries in which we can help potential relators submit their claims:


From manufacturing to retail to institutional care, the pharmaceutical industry is full of areas where the taxpayer can be ripped off. Top drug manufacturers can fake health claims, middlemen can pay off nursing homes to recommend a substandard pill, and insurance companies can double-bill. But brave whistleblowers – engineers, accountants, and technicians – can stand up and prevent this dangerous practice.

Medical Providers

At big hospitals, upcoding is just one of many ways in which fraudulent billing practices can steal from the taxpayer. If you’re aware of this practice in the hospital where you work, it’s up to you and your qui tam attorneys to stop this theft.

Defense Contractors

From the making of MREs to the building of tanks, our Armed Forces and their families depend on competent, thorough work. When fraud occurs or corners are cut to increase profit, whistleblowers can help protect the men and women who protect the rest of us.

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