Defective Drugs & Medical Devices

Berger Montague’s Defective Drugs and Medical Devices Group is committed to helping individuals injured by defective drugs and medical devices. Every year, millions of Americans take a prescription drug or undergo a major surgery that includes a medical device implant. In some instances, the drug or device has an adverse effect or does not work as intended. When a company is at fault for these issues, we may be able to help.

What Qualities Set Berger Montague Apart From Other Firms?

You need a firm that can both help you understand your case and navigate you through what is likely a very complex issue. Our attorneys have the experience and skill to do just that. Often these types of cases involve not only issues in the underlying science to substantiate the injury but also multiple claims or theories of recovery under federal and state law. If you are unsure about whether or not we can help, please contact us to find out. We are here to help.

Our Firm commonly investigates and represents individuals in situations where:

  • Individuals take prescription drugs that include no warning about severe side effects.
  • Individuals suffer harm when a pharmaceutical company purposefully omits warnings on its drug labels.
  • Hip implant patients suffer from the implant breaking at its stem.
  • Medical device patients suffer from toxic poisoning as a result of their implant.
  • Medical device implants do perform to the expectation or need of an individual.
  • Medical device implants have known issues and the manufacturer does not adequately warn consumers or doctors to the issue.

Contact Our Defective Drugs and Medical Devices Lawyers

If you would like to schedule a confidential discussion about a potential case, please fill out the contact form, or email us at [email protected]. Berger Montague also welcomes referrals from other law firms and attorneys.

No Fees Without Recovery

Berger Montague’s personal injury cases are typically litigated on a contingent fee basis, so a client will not incur any out of pocket expenses or be responsible for attorneys’ fees unless there is a recovery.

Other Possible Cases – Toxic Chemicals or Substances

Our Firm does not just represent individuals for personal injuries caused by defective drugs or medical devices. Berger Montague attorneys have recovered substantial amounts on behalf of clients through litigation and settlements for exposure to toxic chemicals and radioactive materials. Our Firm fights for our clients and has done so in some of the most well-known and highly publicized cases in American history, such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill and Rocky Flats contamination litigation. If you believe you have been harmed from an environmental issue or exposure, please see our firm’s Environment & Public Health Group for more information.