Grant Fraud

NIH Grants: A Risk Area for Fraud

By Sherrie Savett Background The National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) awards billions of dollars to support medical and scientific research in the area of health and diseases. NIH invests approximately $32.3 billion each year in research grants to recipient organizations.[1] There are strict requirements for grant approval. Only 7 – 15% of NIH grant [...]

Prestigious Universities and Research Institutions Commit Grant Fraud Too

By Sherrie Savett Major universities rely on government grant money to supplement their revenues from tuition, endowments, and contributions. Purely research entities which are not full universities and where there is little or no tuition revenue depend even more heavily on government grant money, especially in the area of medical and scientific research. The [...]

How to Calculate Damages for False Claims Act Cases Based on Research Grant Fraud

The federal government, through its agencies, offers grant funding opportunities to private individuals and entities.  Numerous federal agencies offer grants, including the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services and the Department of Energy.  Often federal grants are aimed at funding innovative research. In a nutshell, the grant process involves applying for the grant, [...]

University of California Davis Settles Grant Fraud Allegations

Federal grant money often comes with highly-specific conditions and requirements, including the promise to only spend the money on certain expenses related to a research or development project. Failure to adhere to the terms of a grant award will likely trigger possible liability under the False Claims Act, provided the misconduct is intentional and [...]

Maricopa County Community College District Settles Grant Fraud Lawsuit

The occurrence of wasteful and disheartening grant fraud has led to several recent settlements under the False Claims Act, which is triggered any time federal money is intentionally obtained through the use of fraud and misrepresentation. In today’s case, we explore the details of a grant fraud case involving Arizona’s Maricopa County Community College [...]

Northwestern University Researcher Settles Grant Fraud Allegations

Every year, the federal government puts billions of dollars toward medical research in the form of grants. Many of these grants are awarded to medical schools and research universities in order to advance efforts toward finding better treatments or possible cures for conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and various neurological disorders. These grants [...]

Columbia University Settles Embarrassing Grant Fraud Allegations

New York City-based Columbia University, one of the world’s most renowned medical research institutions, has recently come under fire for mismanaging millions of dollars in federal grant money earmarked for AIDS and HIV-related research. The allegations found in the government’s complaint specifically involve the mismanagement of employees and the falsification of [...]

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