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Houston-Based One Step Diagnostic Agrees to Settle False Claims Act Case for $2.6 Million

Houston-based One Step Diagnostic, which operates several medical imaging diagnostic centers around Houston, Texas, has agreed to pay $2.6 million to the federal government in order to settle claims it engaged in unlawful kickbacks and inappropriate financial relationships in violation of the False Claims Act and federal Stark Law. The Department of Justice, in [...]

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Infirmary Health, Inc. Agrees to Pay $24.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

In a press release issued by the U.S. Department of Justice late last month, Mobile, Alabama-based Infirmary Health, Inc. has agreed to pay over $24 million to settle claims it engaged in unlawful kickback schemes and fraudulent conduct in violation of the False Claims Act. The allegations specifically address unlawful [...]

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Recently-Unsealed Healthcare Fraud Case Reveals Whistleblowers Not Always Former Employee; Competitor Files Suit

It is often believed that in order to satisfy the False Claims Act’s “original source” requirement, one must be a former employee, patient, or colleague of the alleged fraudulent party. However, as today’s case illustrates, a whistleblower can be anyone – including a competitor. In a case unsealed late March of this year, a former [...]

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Detroit-Area Physician Pleads Guilty to Medicare Fraud and Violations of the False Claims Act

When a physician, hospital, or pharmaceutical company engages in fraud against the U.S. government, it is not uncommon for the defendant to face additional penalties and sanctions beyond mere repayment of taxpayer dollars. For example, Medicare fraudsters may face incarceration and probation for engaging in this type of crime – and sentences can be quite [...]

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Ohio-Area Memorial Hospital to Pay $8.5 Million for False Claims Act Violations

Memorial Hospital, located in Fremont, Ohio, is a non-profit organization allegedly involved in improper billing practices for services provided to Medicare and Medicaid patients. It has also recently resolved allegations under the Stark Law involving unlawful financial relationships with other entities in the medical field. All in all, Memorial has agreed to pay $8.5 million [...]

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$85 Million Settlement in Stark Law Whistleblower Case, Relator to Receive $20.8 Million

The federal Stark Law is designed to place limitations on physician referrals and to create greater patient confidence in the underlying rationale for a patient referral. Prior to the Stark Law, there were no regulations in place regarding referrals by a physician to laboratories or hospitals in which the physician has a financial stake. Over [...]

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Government Settles With Kentucky-Based Addiction Center Under False Claims Act

One of the hallmark goals of the False Claims Act is to help eliminate fraud and wasteful healthcare spending, thereby reducing healthcare costs for all Americans. In a recent settlement under the False Claims Act, a Kentucky-area addiction center and two of its physicians were found to be engaging in a consistent and unlawful scheme [...]

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DOJ Joins False Claims Act Suit Against Infirmary Health System

The government continues to show its resolve when it comes to False Claims Act violations, taking a special interest in healthcare fraud cases. This is especially true for cases that involve Medicare fraud, violations of the Medicare/Medicaid Anti-Kickback Statute (which prohibits the payment of kickbacks in exchange for referrals) and the Stark Law (which prohibits [...]

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