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Massachusetts Attorney General Settles False Claims Act Lawsuit Against Cleaning Company

The Massachusetts Attorney General recently settled False Claims Act allegations involving municipal clean-up for $650,000.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The Massachusetts False Claims Act has proven time and time again to be a vital component in the war against fraud and wasteful misuse of taxpayer money. In other posts, [...]

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Maricopa County Community College District Settles Grant Fraud Lawsuit

Maricopa County Community College District recently settled allegations of grant fraud for $4.08 million.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The occurrence of wasteful and disheartening grant fraud has led to several recent settlements under the False Claims Act, which is triggered any time federal money is intentionally obtained through the [...]

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California State Court Orders New Trial Following California False Claims Act Verdict

San Francisco-based Recology, a waste management company, is facing possible liability for inflating the weight of its reimbursable recyclable trash collection.Image source: Wikimedia Commons California, along with many other states, maintains its own False Claims Act statute that closely mirrors the language of the federal version. The lengthy, [...]

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Contractor Agrees to Pay $2.72 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations in EPA Fraud Case

Several environmental contractors are facing civil and criminal liability for falsifying expenses relating to the cleanup of the federal Creosote Site.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In a rare False Claims Act settlement involving the Environmental Protection Agency, a superfund contractor has agreed to pay $2.72 million to resolve various [...]

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CA District Court Reiterates Need for Strong Evidence in Whistleblower Lawsuits in Serco Judgment

Military contractor Serco, Inc. was recently victorious in a bid to avoid False Claims Act liability under the argument it did not actually defraud the government out of money.Image source: Wikimedia Commons We have covered the False Claims Act evidentiary standard from a number of different angles. At [...]

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Benefits of U.S. False Claims Act Explored at Historic Canadian Charbonneau Commission

Canadian lawmakers are exploring the possible implementation of a False Claims Act similar to the American version.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The United States False Claims Act has proven successful in recovering tens of billions of dollars in fraud, waste, and intentional deceit. As the False Claims Act gains [...]

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