Manhattan District Attorney Announces $60 Million Settlement With Accredo Over Illegal Kickbacks

U.S. Attorney Bharara recently announced a $60 million settlement with Accredo Health Group amid allegations of illegal kickbacks.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In a somewhat alarming set of facts, self-proclaimed promoter of “specialty pharmacy solutions” Accredo has agreed to pay $60 million to resolve claims that it engaged in [...]

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Texas Medical Center Settles Healthcare Fraud Allegations for $21.75 Million

The Citizens Medical Center, located in Victoria, Texas, has agreed to settle allegations it unlawfully provided kickbacks to cardiologists.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Known as the “Heart Hospital,” the county-owned Citizens Medical Center has agreed to pay a staggering $21.75 million amid allegations it engaged in unlawful kickback schemes [...]

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Ohio-Area Memorial Hospital to Pay $8.5 Million for False Claims Act Violations

The Ohio Attorney General was involved in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars expended due to fraudulent claims for reimbursement for Ohio Medicaid and Medicare patients.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Memorial Hospital, located in Fremont, Ohio, is a non-profit organization allegedly involved in improper billing practices for services provided to Medicare and Medicaid patients. [...]

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