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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Decision Upholds Damages for Emotional Distress for Whistleblower

By Susan Schneider Thomas In a unanimous decision strongly supporting whistleblowers and recognizing the public interest that they serve, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court confirmed that an employee terminated for reporting suspicious activities by a government sub-contractor could recover non-economic damages – essentially, damages for emotional distress – in addition to economic damages for loss [...]

GlaxoSmithKline False Claims Act Suit to Settle for $3 Billion

Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay $3 billion in fines to settle criminal and civil violations.  This is the largest health care fraud settlement to date in the United States. The qui tam portion of the civil lawsuit arose under the False Claims Act and is said to be worth over $1 billion.  At issue in the civil [...]

Ninth Circuit Applies Escobar to Assess Materiality in False Claims Act Case

By Jonathan DeSantis The Ninth Circuit recently applied the materiality requirement for claims under the False Claims Act (“FCA”) and provided guidance for the application of the Supreme Court’s seminal decision on the FCA’s materiality requirement in Universal Health Servs., Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar.[1] The False Claims Act’s Materiality Requirement Under [...]

District Court Rejects the Industry-Wide Public Disclosure Bar, Part II

By Jonathan DeSantis In Part I of this blog series, we discussed the False Claims Act (“FCA”)’s public disclosure bar and the so called industry-wide public disclosure bar. In this blog post, we will examine a recent qui tam case that discusses and rejects the industry-wide public disclosure bar. An industry-wide public disclosure bar [...]

District Court Rejects the Industry-Wide Public Disclosure Bar, Part I

By Jonathan DeSantis The False Claims Act (“FCA”) permits private individuals, known as relators, to sue on the Government’s behalf to recover funds that were fraudulently or falsely obtained from the Government.  If a relator successfully recovers money for the Government, the FCA provides that the relator is entitled to a substantial percentage of [...]

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