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October 21, 2015 Healthcare Fraud

Nurses’ Registry Agrees to Pay $16 Million to Settle Medicare Fraud Allegations

A Kentucky-based company known as Nurses’ Registry and Home Health Corp. has agreed to pay $16 million to settle False Claims Act allegations that it defrauded the Medicare program. The case was originally filed by two whistleblowers – former employees of the company – who suspected it was exaggerating the […]
October 20, 2015 Healthcare Fraud

Millennium Health Agrees to Staggering $256 Million Healthcare Fraud Settlement

In one of the larger healthcare fraud settlements of 2015, Millennium Health, LLC has agreed to pay $256 million to settle allegations it engaged in fraudulent and illegal activity with regard to urine drug screens and orders for urinalysis. The case got its start thanks to a lawsuit filed by […]
October 14, 2015 Healthcare Fraud

Cincinnati’s West Chester Hospital to Pay $1.4 Million to Settle Healthcare Fraud Allegations

When it comes to reporting healthcare fraud, the stakes can be high. In milder cases, defendants may be engaged in fraudulent billing or upcoding to pad profits and increase revenues. However, in more dire cases, defendants have been known to order medically unnecessary procedures for the sole purpose of billing […]
October 1, 2015 Healthcare Fraud

Optometry and Cardiology Fraud: Recently Unsealed Whistleblower Cases

In yesterday’s post, we examined some of the trends in recently unsealed qui tam lawsuits as surveyed by the National Law Review.[1.  “September Health Care Qui Tam Update,” The National Law Review, September 21, 2015,] Of the 39 unsealed cases that were surveyed, many involve allegations of wasteful, and even […]
September 30, 2015 Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare Fraud Unsealed: Recently-Unsealed Whistleblower Lawsuits Show Variety of Fraudulent Medical Claims

Under the terms of the False Claims Act, an original whistleblower complaint must be filed confidentially under seal within a federal district court. From there, the Department of Justice receives notice of the lawsuit and is afforded an opportunity to investigate the allegations on its own. In about 20 percent […]
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