Illegal Kickbacks

Robinson Health System to Pay $10 Million to Settle Illegal Kickback Allegations

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio recently negotiated a $10 million settlement with Robinson Health System amid allegations of illegal kickbacks. The defendant is a health system management company, which operates a non-profit entity in Portage County, Ohio. The settlement comes on the heels of several other settlements involving providers [...]

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Florida-Based Recovery Home Care Pays $1.1 Million to Settle Kickback Claims

There are three laws in place to address the impropriety of doctor kickbacks: the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, and the Stark Law. These are three pieces of federal legislation enacted to punish and deter intentional fraud involving taxpayer funds. In the context of healthcare fraud, the acts are often triggered when intentional [...]

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Physician Settles False Claims Act Accusations Regarding Kickbacks From CareFusion

In a recent False Claims Act settlement between Dr. Charles Denham and the federal government, officials have revealed details of an alleged kickback scheme involving Dr. Denham and the medical corporation known as CareFusion. The case was brought to light following an extensive whistleblower investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services, and [...]

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Illinois Psychiatrist Pleads Guilty to Several Fraud Charges Involving Unlawful Kickback Schemes

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice settled a major kickback case involving the pharmaceutical giant Teva Pharmaceuticals. As you may recall, Teva Pharmaceuticals was alleged to have offered lucrative kickbacks in the form of “consulting fees,” vacations, and other incentives to psychiatrists and treating physicians in exchange for their agreement to prescribe the [...]

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AstraZeneca Settles False Claims Act Allegations Involving Unlawful Kickbacks

Known as the “purple pill,” AstraZeneca’s Nexium is a breakthrough drug targeting the symptoms of acid reflux disease, including painful and damaging esophageal burning and pain. However, according to recent allegations revealed in a Department of Justice press release, the company may have gone to too far to ensure its products reached the hands [...]

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Bone Growth Stimulator Manufacturer Biomet Inc. Settles Allegations It Defrauded the Government

New Jersey-based Biomet, Inc. has agreed to pay $6.07 million to settle False Claims Act allegations involving kickbacks pertaining to its bone growth stimulator products. Under the False Claims Act, any medical device manufacturer, drug company, hospital, or medical professional may face possible liability if Medicare or Medicaid patients are [...]

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Kentucky Cardiology Group Settles False Claims Act Allegations for $380,000

In a recent announcement by the Department of Justice, two London, Kentucky-based cardiologists have agreed to pay $380,000 to settle claims of improper financial relationships with nearby St. Joseph Hospital – including unlawful kickbacks and allegations of financial inducements for referrals. Under the False Claims Act and federal Stark Law, physicians and healthcare professionals [...]

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Tennessee’s Meridian Surgical Partners to Pay $5.12 Million to Settle False Claims Act Lawsuit

Brentwood, Tennessee-area surgical center management company Meridian Surgical Partners has agreed to pay a total of $5.12 million to settle allegations of healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud continues to reign as the top-grossing area of recovery under the False Claims Act, and the Department of Health and Human Services – in concert with the Department [...]

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Department of Justice Takes Aim at Physician Investors in Anti-Kickback Crackdown

We recently reported on the government’s decision to intervene in a False Claims Act lawsuit against spinal surgeon Aria Sabit, which involved allegations of medically unnecessary spinal fusion operations in exchange for kickbacks from the Reliance Medical Group. In a simultaneous and related event, the Department of Justice filed its own False Claims Act [...]

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Fox, Rx Loses False Claims Act Bid Against Omnicare, et al.

Repeat offender Omnicare, a nationwide pharmacy services organization, was recently pitted against Fox, Rx, a Medicare Part D program sponsor, in a False Claims Act lawsuit, alleging several counts of fraud involving government healthcare programs. Unlike the liability faced by Omnicare in several other lawsuits, it was able to avoid [...]

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