Qui Tam Action

AIG Alleged to Have Lied During Government Bailout Negotiations; False Claims Act Lawsuit Unsealed

AIG was one of several large financial institutions to receive taxpayer-funded bailout money in 2008. American International Group, Inc., known as AIG, is facing a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging it failed to properly reveal certain licensing insufficiencies during 2008 bailout negotiations with the federal government. A whistleblower lawsuit, filed in 2009, was [...]

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Qui Tam Action Results in $4.1 Million Settlement with Oncology Provider

Image Source: A multi-million dollar settlement was previously reached with one of the country’s largest and busiest oncology practices for qui tam claims that were filed under the federal False Claims Act. Georgia Cancer Specialists (GCS), which is based in Atlanta, has agreed to pay the government $4.1 million to resolve allegations [...]

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Countrywide Whistleblower Receives $14.5 Million in Mortgage Fraud Case

After filing a 2009 qui tam lawsuit against Countrywide Financial on behalf of the United States government, whistleblower Kyle Lagow has learned that he will receive a relator’s share of $14.5 million. Lagow, who formerly worked as an appraiser with Countrywide subsidiary LandSafe Inc., accused the lender of fraudulently inflating appraisals on government-insured mortgage loans. [...]

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Massive Mortgage Fraud Scheme Ends in FCA Action Against Lender

Image Source: The United States Department of Justice previously announced it was filing a False Claims Act lawsuit against one of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage brokers after more than a decade of fraudulent lending practices. Allied Home Mortgage Corporation, along with two of its officers, are facing allegations they cost [...]

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Mortgage Fraud Allegations at ABN Amro Leads to $41 Million Settlement

Image Source: The Department of Justice (DOJ) previously announced a settlement reached with a Michigan-based mortgage lender in a False Claims Act case. ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc., a subsidiary of LaSalle Bank Midwest, agreed to pay the government $41 million to resolve allegations that it falsified over 28,000 federally insured mortgages. [...]

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Mortgage Fraud: HAMP and the False Claims Act

The Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”) is a federal program enacted to help eligible applicants with loan modifications on home mortgage debt. It was developed as a result of the subprime mortgage crisis, which began to devastate the financial market in 2008. HAMP is a foreclosure prevention program, providing loan modifications to struggling homeowners. Although [...]

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Mortgage Fraud: Beazer Homes Settles False Claims Act Suit

After being charged with fraudulent mortgage origination activities, a Georgia-based home builder and mortgage lender have agreed to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit. Beazer Homes USA Inc. and Beazer Mortgage Corporation have agreed to pay the government $5 million, plus contingent payments of up to $48 million. Image from […]

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