Drone Manufacturer Composite Engineering, Inc. Settles False Claims Act Allegations

A Sacramento drone manufacturer has agreed to settle False Claims Act allegations occurring under a defense contract.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The False Claims Act is one of the most successful federal statutes when it comes to recouping money lost due to wasteful fraud committed against the government and, [...]

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Verizon to Pay $1.3 Million to Settle Allegations of Overcharging for Services

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley recently announced a $1.3 million settlement with Verizon following allegations of overcharges for government telephone services.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Contract fraud is one of the most common issues addressed by the False Claims Act, and it can be found in virtually any industry. [...]

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Courageous FIFA Whistleblower Takes on Massive World Cup Bidding Fraud

A recent whistleblower case against FIFA highlights the privileges and protections afforded by the American False Claims Act as opposed to whistleblower procedures in other jurisdictions.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In a departure from our typical reports of domestic false claims and fraud, today’s post discusses the ongoing battle [...]

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Alaska-Based Eyak Corporation Agrees to Settle False Claims Act Allegations for $2.5 Million

An Anchorage, Alaska-based technology corporation has agreed to settle allegations of bribery and kickbacks, as well as false billing, for $2.5 million.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In an interesting case at the intersection of healthcare and contractor fraud, Anchorage, Alaska-based Eyak Corporation has agreed to settle claims of false [...]

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CA District Court Reiterates Need for Strong Evidence in Whistleblower Lawsuits in Serco Judgment

Military contractor Serco, Inc. was recently victorious in a bid to avoid False Claims Act liability under the argument it did not actually defraud the government out of money.Image source: Wikimedia Commons We have covered the False Claims Act evidentiary standard from a number of different angles. At [...]

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