Drone Manufacturer Composite Engineering, Inc. Settles False Claims Act Allegations

The False Claims Act is one of the most successful federal statutes when it comes to recouping money lost due to wasteful fraud committed against the government and, as a result, the taxpayers. When it was enacted, soldiers and other participants in the U.S. Civil War were experiencing widespread fraud under government contracts for [...]

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Court’s Analysis Spells Victory for Bibby Relators Following Contested False Claims Act Reward

Over the last few posts, we have engaged in an in-depth look at a relatively rare issue involving confidentiality during the investigative stage of a False Claims Act whistleblower case. The case, known as United States ex rel. Bibby v. Wells Fargo, N.A., has garnered some national attention as the Eleventh Circuit recently upheld [...]

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Exploring the Bibby Case: Where Did the Relators Go Wrong?

As we discussed in yesterday’s post, the Eleventh Circuit recently handed down a ruling in a case of first impression: What sort of punishment should a relator face for breaching confidentiality rules during the investigative stage of a whistleblower action? We reviewed the rules of filing under seal and why this is an important [...]

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St. Helena Hospital Settles Medicare Fraud Allegations for $2.25 Million

According to a recent press release from the U.S. Department of Justice, a California-area hospital has agreed to pay $2.25 million to settle claims it unlawfully submitted false claims to the government for reimbursement on behalf of Medicare patients. Like many healthcare claims, the allegations against St. Helena Hospital involve the performance of medically [...]

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Verizon to Pay $1.3 Million to Settle Allegations of Overcharging for Services

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley recently announced a $1.3 million settlement with Verizon following allegations of overcharges for government telephone services.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Contract fraud is one of the most common issues addressed by the False Claims Act, and it can be found in virtually any industry. [...]

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Courageous FIFA Whistleblower Takes on Massive World Cup Bidding Fraud

In a departure from our typical reports of domestic false claims and fraud, today’s post discusses the ongoing battle between courageous whistleblower Phaedra Almajid and her bid to expose massive fraud in the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup soccer games. The games, which are governed by the global soccer superpower [...]

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Alaska-Based Eyak Corporation Agrees to Settle False Claims Act Allegations for $2.5 Million

In an interesting case at the intersection of healthcare and contractor fraud, Anchorage, Alaska-based Eyak Corporation has agreed to settle claims of false charges and illegal kickbacks occurring under a lucrative government contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Accordingly, Eyak Technology and its affiliate Eyak Services LLC have agreed to relinquish any [...]

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CA District Court Reiterates Need for Strong Evidence in Whistleblower Lawsuits in Serco Judgment

We have covered the False Claims Act evidentiary standard from a number of different angles. At the pleadings phase of these cases, there is a near 50/50 split between the circuit courts as to the specificity of alleged fraud necessary to overcome a motion to dismiss under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6). Also [...]

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