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Are State Colleges and Universities Exempt From Access to the False Claims Act’s Qui Tam Provisions?

The heart of the False Claims Act is its qui tam provisions, which allow ordinary private citizens the opportunity to commence a lawsuit against companies alleged to have committed fraud against the government – often exposing widespread fraud by massive corporations. What’s more, the qui tam provisions allow these private [...]

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California Appellate Court Takes Dim View of Qui Tam Threats

The False Claims Act is a means for helping the government combat fraud.  Although violations of the False Claims Act can result in millions – sometimes billions – of dollars in liability for the offending company, a California appellate court held that an employee cannot use the False Claims Act as an “extortionate” pre-litigation settlement [...]

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Medicare Fraud Case Takes Aim at Unnecessary Prescriptions of Dangerous Drug Clozapine

In a case involving Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, LLC, the Department of Justice recently settled hundreds of allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud relating to the improper recommendation of the generic drug clozapine – considered a drug of last resort for the treatment of schizophrenia. According to allegations, Teva, through its subsidiary IVAX, LLC, unlawfully induced [...]

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Texas-Based Grocery Store H-E-B Settles Medicaid Fraud Case for $12 Million

The San Antonio-based grocery store H-E-B was recently involved in an extensive Medicaid fraud case involving several in-store pharmacies across the Texas area. The case was filed in 2011 by three pharmacists who, while not employees of H-E-B, worked in other states filling prescription orders for the company. The contents of the complaint and settlement [...]

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Qui Tam Provisions of the False Claims Act

Many private citizens who are employed by companies that receive federal money or work on federal projects become aware of the fact that their employers have defrauded the government. Private citizens with firsthand knowledge of government fraud have an opportunity, along with a financial incentive, to help recover money from those companies and individuals [...]

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Whistleblowers Receive Over $7 Million After Momence Meadows Nursing Home is Found Guilty by a Jury

In a recent whistleblower lawsuit against the Illinois-based Momence Meadows Nursing Center (MMNC) and its former owner, a jury opted to impose fines of over $28 million. After a nine day trial, MMNC was found guilty of mistreating elderly and disabled residents, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and billing government sponsored programs for medically unnecessary, nonexistent or substandard [...]

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Latest Court Ruling Allows Groundbreaking Qui Tam Lawsuit to Proceed

In one of the most unusual qui tam lawsuits ever filed, generic drug manufacturer Amphastar has charged its competitor, Aventis Pharma (a division of Sanofi-Aventis), with violating the federal False Claims Act. Although False Claims Act suits against pharmaceutical companies are common, they are normally brought on behalf of the government by a former employee [...]

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Qui Tam Action Leaves Ambulance Company Paying $800,000 Settlement

According to a recent statement from the Department of Justice, a South Carolina rescue squad has agreed to settle a qui tam lawsuit for $800,000. Williston Rescue Squad, Inc. is based in Williston, SC and provides emergency ambulance services for citizens living in the southwestern portion of the state. According to official documents, the Williston [...]

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Court Rules Lockheed Martin Can be Sued for Underbidding on Government Projects

The act of deliberately underbidding on projects in order to win federal government contracts is not an uncommon practice.  Contractors submit extremely low bids for certain projects, knowing that the contract will cost the government much more in the end. Contractors underbid on these government projects for several reasons, such as hoping to gain access to [...]

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