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False Claims Act Oversight Hearing Part 2: Proponents Shed Light on Benefits of Incentivizing Whistleblowers

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the recent oversight hearing conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives through its Committee on Judiciary. The hearing, which took place at the end of July, was called in order to address the effectiveness of the False Claims Act, areas ripe for improvement, and issues [...]

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SEC Settles Unprecedented Whistleblower Retaliation Lawsuit

Like several other federal agencies, the Securities and Exchange Commission has implemented a whistleblower program allowing those with first-hand knowledge of fraud to come forward, report what they know, and enjoy protection from employer retaliation. As we have reported in the past, employees choosing to report fraud to internal compliance authorities do not enjoy the [...]

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Securities and Exchange Commission Announces Plans to Enhance Whistleblower Program

Under the 2010 Dodd Frank Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission was tasked with organizing and implementing a whistleblower program similar to the False Claims Act – which has proven widely successful since its inception in the 1800’s. As a result, the SEC worked tirelessly to create its Office of the Whistleblower (“OWB”) and has [...]

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Second Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Award Announced in Hedge Fund Scheme

After assuring citizens they would soon see additional whistleblower rewards from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), officials were proud to announce the issuance of a substantial Dodd-Frank whistleblower award. This second-ever Dodd-Frank whistleblower award results from a district court ruling that ordered Locust Offshore Management and its CEO, Andrey C. Hicks, to pay $7.5 [...]

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Bill to Extend Whistleblower Protections to Offshore Oil and Gas Workers

During the last decade, alarming numbers of offshore oil and gas facilities have been found in violation of industry or federal laws, putting worker safety and the environment at risk. Currently, there are no whistleblower anti-retaliation provisions protecting offshore oil and gas facilities workers. As a result, vast numbers of these employees have kept silent [...]

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Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Endures Hostile Workplace & Termination after Reporting to SEC

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower, Dr. Eric Ben-Artzi, is alleging multi-billion dollar securities violations at Deutsche Bank, an investment bank located in Germany.  Dr. Ben-Artzi is a former Quantitative Risk Analyst at Deutsche Bank. He initially attempted to report the violations to superiors at Deutsche Bank, but was ignored and [...]

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Georgia False Claim Act Law Shakes Up Doing Business With Government

Image Source: New Georgia law completely changes the game for those conducting business with state and local government. Governor Nathan Deal recently signed the Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act into law. This new law vastly changes the landscape for anyone who conducts business with Georgia’s state and local government, while also [...]

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Timing is Crucial for Dodd-Frank Act’s Whistleblower Program

Two and a half years after the Dodd-Frank Act’s whistleblower program passed and more than one year after key rules went into effect, the program has generated more than 3,000 tips, complaints, and referrals. It has also yielded the first Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action this year. The program’s first reward was made in August [...]

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