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George v. Uponor, Inc.

CASE NUMBER: 12-cv-249
PRACTICE AREAS: Defective Products
PRODUCT: Uponor Brass PEX Plumbing Fittings
COURT: United States District Court for the District of Minnesota

Berger Montague filed a nationwide class action against Uponor, Inc. alleging that the company’s brass PEX fittings (Model 1960) were defective because they were made of a material that is unsuitable for use in domestic plumbing systems.  According to the allegations, these fittings were prone to dezincification which can lead to leaks and restricted water flow. These fittings are subject to the same failures as other Uponor brass PEX fittings and brass fittings manufactured by several other manufacturers that are subject to class action suits.

Settlement of national class action regarding Uponor high-zinc yellow brass plumbing fittings used in potable water distribution systems throughout the United States was preliminarily approved on June 12, 2015 by Judge Ann D. Montgomery of the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota.

The preliminarily-approved settlement provides class members with an enhanced and extended warranty, substantial reimbursement for past and future damages and repairs, and significant coverage for replacements in structures experiencing multiple product failures. The guaranteed funding for the settlement provides up to $21 million.

  • A copy of the Preliminary Approval is available here.
  • A copy of the Complaint is available here.
  • A copy of the Court’s ruling on the motion to dismiss is available here.

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