Tax Fraud

The False Claims Act Tax Bar

The False Claims Act (“FCA”) generally applies to all false or fraudulent “claims” and broadly defines “claims” as including any request or demand for Government funds.[1]  However, a little known provision of the FCA provides that it “does not apply to claims, records, or statements made under the Internal Revenue Code.”[2] This provision is [...]

How to Report Tax Fraud

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has had a reward program for whistleblowers since 2006. 26 U.S.C 7623. Several individuals have received rewards in the seven and eight digit range. The process is simpler than filing a False Claims Act (“FCA”) complaint, and typically, very little is required from the whistleblower after the initial filing [...]

Anonymous IRS Whistleblower to Receive $11.6 Million in Tax Fraud Case

An anonymous IRS whistleblower will receive $11.6 million for his willingness to report rampant tax fraud.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In yesterday’s post, we went over the basics of filing a whistleblower claim with the Internal Revenue Service. While the IRS’ whistleblower program has not historically seen the same [...]

Overview of the Internal Revenue Service Whistleblower Program

The False Claims Act, which was enacted in the 1800s, has proven so wildly successful over the years that several other federal agencies and state governments opted to enact similar legislation. One such program, implemented by the IRS, is designed to help curtail the effects of tax fraud and evasion, [...]

Overview of Tax Fraud, How it is Prosecuted, and Whistleblower Benefits

Many of our reports center on fraudulent billing practices against Medicare and Medicaid. However, the IRS also maintains a whistleblower program designed to incentivize those with first-hand knowledge of tax fraud to come forward, report their information, and collect a sizable percentage of any money recovered. In the paragraphs that follow, we take a look [...]