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CA Contractors to Pay $4 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations & Wage Disputes

In a recent False Claims Act settlement, California contractors Arbon and its subsidiary Rite-Hite have agreed to pay $4 million to settle claims of unlawful wage practices involving its employees. Under the False Claims Act, it is considered a violation for a contractor to breach the terms of its agreement with the government and [...]

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5 Reasons the False Claims Act Is Essential for Fighting Fraud

The False Claims Act is an integral piece of legislation designed to incentivize integrity and honesty. It is a multi-faceted approach to exposing, eliminating, and deterring fraud – with many important benefits for plaintiffs. The following explores some of the reasons why the False Claims Act is one of the most important statutes on [...]

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U.S. Settles Several False Claims Act Cases Involving Small Business Sub-Contracts

The federal government has recently settled a number of cases involving allegations that several small businesses misrepresented themselves in order to qualify for special set-asides offered to minority or disadvantaged enterprises seeking government contract work. Under current regulations, prime contractors for government work are generally required to offer a certain percentage of sub-contracts to minority [...]

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Eighth Circuit Confirms $8 Million Whistleblower Reward

In a price-fixing case originating in 2004, two whistleblowers have finally reaped their reward under the False Claims Act and its qui tam provisions. In Rille, ex rel. United States v. PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, et al., two relators successfully defeated the DOJ’s motion to preclude recovery of the whistleblower reward citing violations of the “original source” [...]

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