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Benefits of U.S. False Claims Act Explored at Historic Canadian Charbonneau Commission

Canadian lawmakers are exploring the possible implementation of a False Claims Act similar to the American version.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The United States False Claims Act has proven successful in recovering tens of billions of dollars in fraud, waste, and intentional deceit. As the False Claims Act gains [...]

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US Bank to Pay $200 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

Minneapolis-based US Bank recently agreed to pay $200 million to the government to settle false claims act allegations after admitting it engaged in sub-par underwriting practices. Late last month, banking services company US Bank agreed to repay the government a staggering $200 million amid allegations it misrepresented residential home loans as suitable for [...]

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New York Attorney General Files ‘Reverse’ False Claims Act Case Against Two Prominent NY Hospitals

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman joined in a False Claims Act lawsuit against Continuum Health Partners, Beth Israel Medical Center and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center alleging reverse false claims against state and federal Medicaid programs. We cover quite a few stories about healthcare fraud cases litigated under the False Claims Act. Most [...]

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FHA Mortgage Lenders Facing an Increased Number of False Claims Act Lawsuits

In the last several years, an increased number of financial institutions have been the subject of mortgage fraud lawsuits brought by the United State government under the federal False Claims Act. This trend specifically involves Federal Housing Authority ("FHA") mortgage lenders. As the world’s largest mortgage insurer, the FHA backs mortgage loans for certain [...]

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Florida Dermatologist Settles False Claims Act Lawsuit for $26.1 Million

Image Source: The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced one of the largest False Claims Act settlements with an individual, resolving allegations that a Florida dermatologist was performing medically unnecessary surgeries on Medicare patients and participating in an illegal kickback scheme.  Dr. Steven J. Wasserman, whose practice is in Venice, Florida, agreed [...]

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Government Settles Whistleblower Suit with Texas-Based Corporation for $1.1 Million

Image Source: The Department of Justice recently announced the settlement of a whistleblower lawsuit against the Texas-based Fluor Corporation and its parent company, Fluor Hanford Inc., for $1.1 million. The whistleblower lawsuit alleges that Fluor violated the False Claims Act by improperly using federal funds for the purpose of lobbying. Fluor provides services [...]

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Court Rules Lockheed Martin Can be Sued for Underbidding on Government Projects

Image Source: The act of deliberately underbidding on projects in order to win federal government contracts is not an uncommon practice.  Contractors submit extremely low bids for certain projects, knowing that the contract will cost the government much more in the end. Contractors underbid on these government projects for several reasons, such as [...]

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False Claims Act Lawsuit: Hospice of Arizona to Pay $12 Million Settlement

Image Source: The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced it succe ssfully reached a $12 million dollar settlement with Hospice of Arizona L.C., American Hospice Management LLC and their parent corporation, American Hospice Management Holdings LLC. The settlement resolves a False Claims Act (whistleblower) case that alleges Hospice of Arizona knowingly and fraudulently [...]

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False Claims Act Lawsuit Forces Golden Living to Settle Claims of Fraudulent Wound Care

  Image Source: The United States and the State of Georgia recently reached a settlement in a False Claims Act lawsuit with Golden Gate National Senior Care (GGNSC). While headquartered in the state of Texas, Golden Gate National Senior Care operates skilled nursing facilities across the nation under the “Golden Living” brand, [...]

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CIA Contractors to Pay $3 Million for False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Act Violations

Image Source: Three Former CIA Contractors Choose to Settle with the Government and Resolve Charges of Violating the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute.   According to an official statement from the Justice Department, American Systems Corporation, Anixter International Inc. and Corning Cable Systems LLC have each agreed to pay the United States [...]

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