IRS Whistleblower

How IRS Whistleblower Claims are Filed for Awards

Whistleblowers submitting claims under Sec. 7623(a) or (b) must complete IRS Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information, in order to qualify for the whistleblower award. If they submit claims without completing the form, they will not be eligible for the reward. [1] IRS Form 211 must be completed in its entirety and should include [...]

Cell Phone Accessory Maker OtterBox Faces False Claims Act Liability

Companies are required to report not only the value of an item’s makeup, but the value of engineering and manufacturing needed to construct the product.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The False Claims Act covers a wide array of fraudulent activities. In a recent case against cell phone accessory maker OtterBox, the federal government has [...]

Review of SEC Report to Congress on the Impact of Dodd Frank’s Whistleblower Reform, Pt 1

As we reported last week, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has been highly integral in protecting investors and taxpayers as well as holding fraudulent investors and corporate managers responsible for their misdeeds. Earlier this month, the Securities Exchange Commission, an entity responsible for overseeing the securities exchange market, submitted its annual [...]

Understanding the Four Key Whistleblower Statutes Under Federal Law

Our blog often discusses litigation surrounding the False Claims Act, which is the hallmark whistleblower statute in the United States. Enacted during the Civil War, the FCA and its incentivizing qui tam provisions paved the way for other government entities to advocate for Congress to enact similar provisions in their [...]