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Manufacturer of Black Hawk Helicopters, Sikorsky Aircraft, Settles False Claims Act Lawsuit

The U.S. military holds billions of dollars’ worth of defense contracts with Connecticut-based Sikorsky Aircraft.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The famed manufacturer of the Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter, Sikorsky Aircraft, has agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle claims it overcharged the U.S. government for services and parts for the powerful utility aircraft. The [...]

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IRS Data Reveals Sharp Disparity Between Number of Fraud Reports and Whistleblower Rewards

Whistleblower rewards range from 10 to 25 percent of the amount recovered by the IRS from fraudulent taxpayers.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Noting the success of the federal False Claims Act, Congress enacted a similar IRS whistleblower program in 2007 under the Tax Relief and Healthcare Act, which allows individuals to report tax fraud [...]

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Whistleblower Helps Recover $2.1 Million on Behalf of Army Corps of Engineers

Sanborn Maps allegedly violated the FCA in a recent case involving the Army Corps of Engineers. Image source: Wikimedia Commons The history of the False Claims Act is steeped in combatting wartime fraud. While exploiting the U.S. government and its troops during times of war is hardly a new concept, its application has changed [...]

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