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VMWare Settles FCA Allegations for $75 Million Following Five Year Investigation

Software company VMWare has agreed to pay $75 million to settle claims it engaged in illegal price-fixing misconduct.Image source: Wikimedia Commons Government contract work can be extremely lucrative, providing companies with a regular stream of income and dependable job security for their employees. Accordingly, the risk for rampant [...]

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Gilbane Construction Settles Allegations of Fraudulently Claiming Status as a Disabled Veteran-Owned Business

In a recent case involving Florida’s W.G. Mills, a prolific construction company, the government alleged that it unlawfully certified one of its subsidiaries as owned and operated by disabled veterans, thereby qualifying the company for contract jobs specifically set aside for these types of historically disadvantaged businesses. However, W.G. Mills’ attempt to increase profits not [...]

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Record Storage Company Settles False Claims Allegations Regarding Their Government Contract

When a private company enters into a contract with the federal government, the terms contained within the agreement must be adhered to in order to avoid exposure to False Claims Act liability. One foundational requirement is that, during the negotiation phase of the contract, companies must be truthful, forthcoming, and candid in their remarks [...]

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Verizon to Pay $1.3 Million to Settle Allegations of Overcharging for Services

Contract fraud is one of the most common issues addressed by the False Claims Act, and it can be found in virtually any industry. In today’s case, we explore a recent settlement between Verizon New England, Inc. and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts involving overcharges for services pursuant to lucrative contracts with the New York-based [...]

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Supreme Foodservice Pays $434 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

In another military fraud case, Swiss-based Supreme Foodservice has agreed to pay a total of $434 million to the United States following allegations of fraud under the False Claims Act. The lawsuit was commenced after several employees raised concerns over the ownership structure of Supreme Foodservice, alleging it was using shell companies to “double [...]

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Alaska-Based Eyak Corporation Agrees to Settle False Claims Act Allegations for $2.5 Million

In an interesting case at the intersection of healthcare and contractor fraud, Anchorage, Alaska-based Eyak Corporation has agreed to settle claims of false charges and illegal kickbacks occurring under a lucrative government contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Accordingly, Eyak Technology and its affiliate Eyak Services LLC have agreed to relinquish any [...]

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UPDATE: Commonwealth of Virginia Opts to Join Case Against Trinity Industries

2014 was a bad year for Trinity Industries. As you may recall, the once-prominent guardrail manufacturer has been facing one lawsuit after another – with claims of fraud and concealment being filed in courts across the United States. Earlier this year, we posted a series of articles detailing the False Claims Act trial involving Trinity [...]

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Office Depot Pays $80 Million to Settle Historic California False Claims Act Case

In a major victory for California taxpayers, office supply giant Office Depot has agreed to pay $80 million to settle claims it unlawfully defrauded several government agencies out of money under contracts for the provision of supplies. The settlement comes on the heels of a settlement with the state of New York alleging similar [...]

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California State Court Orders New Trial Following California False Claims Act Verdict

California, along with many other states, maintains its own False Claims Act statute that closely mirrors the language of the federal version. The lengthy, comprehensive, statute allows private individuals to file claims under the Act if that person has original knowledge of the submission of a false claim to any government entity in the [...]

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