Oakland Construction Company Settles False Claims Act Violations

  The U.S. Small Business Administration maintains several programs designed to assist potential business owners succeed in their entrepreneurial goals.Image source: Wikimedia Commons The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal agency tasked with, among other things, assisting in the creation and maintenance of small and minority-owned businesses. Under its Section 8(a) Business [...]

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Shell Oil Company Pays to Settle Allegations of False Claims for Environmental Clean-Up

Shell Oil is one of several oil companies settling with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for requesting reimbursement of environmental cleanup costs despite receiving the same reimbursement from private insurers.Image source: Wikimedia Commons In a recent case out of Massachusetts, oil giant Shell has agreed to pay $4 million to the Commonwealth in order [...]

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FHA Mortgage Lenders Facing an Increased Number of False Claims Act Lawsuits

In the last several years, an increased number of financial institutions have been the subject of mortgage fraud lawsuits brought by the United State government under the federal False Claims Act. This trend specifically involves Federal Housing Authority ("FHA") mortgage lenders. As the world’s largest mortgage insurer, the FHA backs mortgage loans for certain [...]

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Par Pharmaceuticals Pleads Guilty to Civil & Criminal Allegations of Off-Label Marketing

Image Source: Par Pharmaceuticals allegedly committed fraud by promoting Megace ES for off-label uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Par Pharmaceuticals recently pled guilty in federal court  to charges of off-label marketing and will be forced to pay $45 million in order to resolve the company’s criminal and civil liability. [...]

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Timing is Crucial for Dodd-Frank Act’s Whistleblower Program

  Image Source:   Two and a half years after the Dodd-Frank Act’s whistleblower program passed and more than one year after key rules went into effect, the program has generated more than 3,000 tips, complaints, and referrals. It has also yielded the first Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action this year. [...]

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The Department of Defense Continued doing Business with Contractors Linked to Fraud Charges

Image Source: reveals the Department of Defense continued doing business with contractors accused of fraud.   In a shocking report prepared by the Department of Defense for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, it was revealed that hundreds of defense contractors who defrauded the U.S. military ended up receiving more than $1.1 trillion in [...]

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