Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid pays for approximately 20% of all healthcare expenses in the United States, over $600 billion each year. Well over 500,000 healthcare providers, ranging from hospital chains to individual doctors to ambulance helicopter pilots, receive payments from Medicaid every year. Inevitably a few of the providers will try to defraud the program to line [...]

How to Report Dentist Medicaid Fraud

In every state, Medicaid covers comprehensive dental services for all enrolled children. Additionally, almost every state Medicaid program provides emergency dental services to enrolled adults. About two-thirds of the state Medicaid programs additionally cover at least some non-emergency dental services for enrolled adults. See id. Whistleblowers play a central role in defending the Medicaid [...]

Community Health Systems Settles Medicaid Fraud Allegations for $75 Million

A recent press release from the Department of Justice alleged that several hospitals within the nationwide Community Health System (CHS) chain made unlawful donations to various county governments in violation of state and federal Medicaid laws. The scheme occurred under New Mexico’s supplemental Medicaid program, which primarily served rural and [...]

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