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June 7, 2022 News

Joshua Davis to speak at AAI Conference

Joshua Davis to speak at Conference on Bringing and Litigating Antitrust Cases

The American Antitrust Institute is hosting its 23rd Annual Policy Conference: Bringing and Litigating Antitrust Cases in an Era of Change at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. On Wednesday, June 15.
Berger Montague’s Joshua Davis will speak on the panel Antitrust and Non-Competition Goals: Practical Considerations for Litigants. This panel will discuss how non-competition values that are not currently embedded in existing antitrust standards can enter the antitrust litigation calculus. Such values include increasing privacy, improving environmental sustainability, and reducing inequality. Panelists will discuss several fundamental questions. When and how might non-competition values arise in the antitrust litigation calculus, whether as part of case selection, competitive effects analysis, efficiencies defenses, or otherwise? What measurement challenges do non-competition values pose in court, whether quantitative, qualitative, or temporal? How should enforcers think about trading off harms and benefits across different markets, different dimensions of competition, or different competition and non-competition values? And how should antitrust enforcers respond when otherwise anticompetitive conduct is necessary to achieve public social or political goals?Read more and register for the event: 

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